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Imine's Favourite Sites

HoT LiNkS 4 YoU

The following is a list really nice sites that I have complied just for you!! Enjoy them :) if you have any other nice sites on your mind or want to see your site here then do let me know...

Topics related to Islam
Deals with many topics related to Islam. Very well worth a visit!
Desi Music and fun :)
A very entertaining website. It has everything that you're looking for if you want 2 have FuN.
All about Islamabad
Find everything from beauty parlours to colleges and from Jewellers to shopping areas here!! It's a nice site containing a lot of stuff on IsLoo.
Ringertones for your Nokia Mobis
A very nice place to feed your mobile sets with nice tones :) Whether you want a filmi or a bangra or a angrezi touch... this site has 'em all.
Greeting Cards unlimited!!
Put a smile on everyones face :) this greeting card site offers some very cute cards that are capable of making one's day :) The categories are divided which will make your search easy. Happy sending!!
Urdu Website!
A very cute site indeed and that in our very own baasha! An excellent site and definately one of my favourites. You will love this site!!
Entertainment from pakistan
A complete experience for all. Excellent and one of my favourites....

Listen to all the songs that you always wanted to listen to and get the latest news straight from Bollywood. What are you waiting for.... it's just a click away
Lyrics and fun
One of the most visited sites on the internet for lyrics and more from BoLLyWood.
Beauty XXL
An excellent site for beauty tips and health advice.
Wallpaper and entertainment XXL
You're gonna love this site if you're looking for things like wallpapers, messageboards, jokes, lyrics and lots more. A great site!!

Have fun and enjoooy!